Geof Johnson

Warning...these songs can be most good kids' music, Johnson's songs can stick with you. While children will no doubt enjoy the sing-along opportunities in most of the songs, the catchy tunes could cause parents to find themselves repeating those same ditties around the office."  The Anniston Star

" I just love new artist Geof Johnson's "Songs For All Seasons...beautifully crafted songs..." John Wood, United Parenting Publications

"A superb collection of kids' songs...great music that appeals to younger kids and makes them want to sing along...great musical arrangements. Seriously, take a listen to this if you have kids and want to keep them absorbed for some hours." Terry Allen, hEARd

" the second playing everyone, parents and children alike, were singing, swaying and tapping their feet to these infectious, lighthearted songs...The whole idea of Animal Songs appears to be making music fun and Geof Johnson accomplishes that without missing a beat...each song is upbeat, playful and perfect for young children sitting in their car seats no matter how bad the traffic." the National Parenting Center

"He’s a hit. In fact, I want him back next year, twice, if he can swing it. We had people come saying he is the best performer they have ever had for that age. Needless to say, he’s a keeper and we want to do business with him again-and again and again and again—you get the picture." Victoria Jaksic, Roswell Regional Library (6/13/07)



"King of Kiddie Pop" The Marietta Daily Journal

"As you know, you've got some terrific music there." Max Horowitz,  Peabody award-winning children's radio producer.

"we all, kids and grownups, love it!  keep up the great music "- Emily from Seattle


"My daughter loves 'Monkey with a Coconut' more than I can say (she's 2 1/2).  She loves it so much that I took it to our yoga coop and played it for all the kids I was watching, and none of them had any separation anxiety that day.  They were too busy clapping and jumping.  It's a magic song.  Thank you for making it available." Hildie from Arlington, VA


"Very appropriate music for the kids...high energy...a wonderful show!" Robyn Benjamin, Primary Colors

"One of the best shows we've had at this school." Lee Waters, East Side Elementary

"Your show was very great! We think you are the best singer!" Ms. Lampinen's 1st grade class.